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Danielle Carey Tolan is the kind of official who get's things done and over the last three years, she's accomplished a lot. Why keep Trustee Tolan? See for yourself: 

  • Danielle is working to create an overarching community foundation to help strengthen and support local organizations to help support youth and families in our community.
  • Danielle is actively seeking land acquisition of additional green space for family recreation within the Township per community input via the Township Strategic Plan community survey.
  • Danielle continues to provide professional development, training and new safety equipment to the Westfield Fire Department.
  • Danielle has provided additional habitat in MacGregor Park by planting 5,000 trees within new 11-acre wetland in.
  • Danielle is generating efficiencies in government by building a program, with the support of Governor Holcomb, which will be a universal database utilized by a network of associations serving people needing assistance.
  • Danielle worked with the City of Westfield to increase township park programming by eliminating programming duplication which saved tax dollars and added value to the community.
  • Danielle has set the bar high for other Indiana Townships to be more transparent and accountable with the launch of a new interactive website.
  • Danielle has integrated a robust parks and recreation program and management software system.
  • Danielle created brand recognition for the township by rebranding and designed new signage for the office and park.
  • Danielle has reorganized the township offices to be more efficient and accomplish more programs and services with less staff.

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