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A Champion for Westfield Citizens

A Champion for Westfield Citizens. It’s more than a slogan – it’s a call to action. We, as a community, can come together and make Westfield reach our full potential. It’s more than a tagline – it’s a mindset that influences every decision. Is this action in the best interests of the citizens of Westfield Washington Township? A Champion for Westfield Citizens is a mission statement. I am a collaborative leader, but a citizen first. At my core, I believe in the same shared principles as my fellow Shamrocks – Family. Community. The Greater Good. As a lifetime resident, I share a unified goal to improve our township, our schools, our economy and our way of life. Together, we are Champions for Westfield Citizens. Together, we will make our shared vision a reality. As Trustee, my top priorities will be –

  • Westfield Youth Resources
    In creating this new foundation, my goal will be to provide funding for youth safety and security, support services, counseling services and career guidance for all Westfield youth which will strengthen our families and our community.

  • Enhancing the Quality of Life and Safety in Our Community 
    Working with the community to understand where the township's support is most needed, and providing responsive, efficient and high-quality services to improve the daily lives of our residents.
  • Improving Public Safety
    Providing the appropriate continuous training and resources to help our fire fighters thrive is paramount to sustainable success for Westfield. 
  • Increased Collaboration
    Transformative ideas can come from anyone, and the combined knowledge and commitment of the township, city, schools, county and organizations is a valuable resource.  The scale of our shared challenge requires we work together with openness and respect. I have invited leaders to contribute ideas, learn from one another and experiment with new approaches to our civic challenges and our township's future.
  • Reducing Poverty by Increasing Access
    To reduce poverty, we must improve the access to organizations with valuable resources to the people in need. With the ability to have information about the people needing assistance we can become more efficient.  

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